Sunday, June 7, 2009

Home again!

Hey, I have been out of town and now I'm back, just got back about 8:30 pm, it was a long trip in a short time. We have been to OKC for a visit to grandparents, we attended a retirement lunch for my aunt @ cheesecake factory yumo! And we drove from OKC to enid and back on Sat. for a baby shower for my cousin. We then spent the night with my Grandma Ginny and went out to eat with Steve ( my brother, my sis, Julie) we with my girls and G.G. went to Chili's today for lunch. So we have stuff ourselves and got to visit just about everyone in our family just Jennifer was missing. My sister Julie is coming up here to visit us tomorrow night but she had some plans tonight and tomorrow with some old friends that still live in OKC.
Well when we got back here Jana was getting ready for bed and knocked over her reed diffuser in her bedroom -- PEE U.. that was strong. I helped her clean it up and we even put the reeds in a baggie and capped the oil, put the rags in the washing machine with tons of soap but I can still smell it it was strong! I washed my hands with laundry soap to get rid of the smell but now I am coughing so I better go do a breathing treatment and check on Jana, she has to sleep in the room it spilled in. I used Windex to cut the oil on her wardrobe top so hopefully I am just smelling the laundry room still. I also have to down load the Ester lesson from Lifeway because I am behind now that I left without having a book for the weekend. I will have to go get one tomorrow if I can. Talk soon.