Thursday, May 29, 2008

Puppy Party

Yesterday, my daughter (the 12 year old) asked me if she could go to a puppy party for her friend at his house. I told her I didn't see any reason not. Then at dinner her father asked her about it and he found out it was her guy friend. I thought his eyes were going to bug out. I had to kick him under the table so he would quit making a federal case out of it. Aparently the puppy was having a birthday party. Really it was a excuse to go to a friends house and so he could invite her over for a hour. The parents were there so I saw no reason to not let her go. She had fun anyway, and I have met this boy before. Anyway the 6 year old could not understand why she was invited to the puppy party. I took her to the library instead. Well there are a million things I should be doing like clean out the fridge, fold the laundry, load the dishwasher and others that I flat refuse to do like pick up toys. I make the person playing with the toys pick them up. Hmm maybe I will make the 12 year old fold some laundry too, tomorrow. Doesn't that sound like the best thing for the first day of summer? I need to work in my yard too. We have a patch of overgrown ivy and I keep pulling some of it up but it keeps spreading. My husband says it is going to choke him somday. Well I guess I will actually do work now I have avoided long enough.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Thinking back

So, I am comming up on my hs 20 year reunion and it has caused me to think back about things I did, people I no longer see and it has been making me sad. Are we not suppose to be happy about seeing old friends? Maybe it is the sadness that I didn't keep up with them or that they didn't care to keep up with me. Anyway I'm tired of this, either I will decide to go and be happy to see those that want to remember me or I won't go at all. I refuse to let those people that choose not to keep up with me make me sad. OK now that is done.

So I walked Jeana to school this morning and had a fascinating conversation about mist and evaporation, I don't remember contemplating mist when I was 6 years old did you? Of course I don't remember a ton from kindergarten. I remember learning about Monarch butterflies and carpooling with , Travis, Susie, and Greg. I remember David talking about his Dad the doctor and show us a stethoscope, years later I find out his dad was a eye doctor and feeling let down. Oh and the number one thing I remember from kindergarten is Micheal M. saying if you give me a penny I will show you my bellybutton. lol that still makes me laugh to this day. Thanks Micheal you will go down in history.