Monday, March 23, 2009

enough said

My day started off with lost eye glasses for Jeana, which sent us scrambling to get to school on time. This progresses after I dropped her off to a spilled drink ( coke everywhere in the newly done interior of my car) oh and of course on my new coat and on my bible. I will omit the screaming and the almost swearing I did. Brian said he was glad he wasn't with me. Then on to an Asthma attack for Jana, had to leave school early and go get her. She is still having trouble. Then after picking up Jeana, found out she did not have a stellar day for concentrating on her work. Oh and then when making supper, I DROPPED the 4 pork chops I was going to grill. The Styrofoam broke in half! After washing them off and grilling them we had dinner, I loaded the dishwasher and hid out in my bedroom... I put Jeana to bed and I'm done! I going to sleep and hope for better tomorrow! It's not that today was just so bad. It's just that it was not good. Good night I'm off to read my slightly soggy bible.
P.S. Nothing is ever all bad, Jeana drew a beautiful rainbow picture for me, because I did not have a good day! It was so sweet.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ok, so I did almost nothing!

So, today I was going to work in my garden, Brian was off from work and we had planned to get a bunch of stuff done.... but he woke up with some sort of back strain (yea right!) and didn't want to get out there after church. I went out there and messed around some but didn't get much done. I went back inside and proceeded to do nothing but watch HGTV or Food network. Well I did stay with Jana for the very last cookie booth. On Saturday Jana came home very upset, apparently the father of her friend tried to make her wear this cookie costume that their younger daughter has been wearing for the cookie booths. I personally think the costume is horrible looking and would not want either child wearing it. But to ask a 13 year old girl to put on that, is outside of enough. But he did not just ask her, he kept insisting, after she refused and when she wouldn't put it on he talked to her like she was 6. ( these are Jana's words, I was not there.) I told her I was proud of her for standing up for herself and not doing something that made her feel uncomfortable. I went to the cookie booth so there would not be a repeat performance and talked to the mother. She told me she had already gotten on to the father and I made it clear she was NOT to to be asked and said I wouldn't ask her daughter to do something she wasn't comfortable doing either and I trust that it wouldn't happen again. If it does I will have to keep Jana from going over to her friends house and only have the friend over here. I prefer that anyway.

Thursday, March 19, 2009 keeps going, or is that growing?

Yesterday, I spent the whole day cleaning out flower beds of leaves, old dead flowers and sticks and twigs. This step was suppose to been done in the fall but since, every time I tried to work in the yard this past fall, I would have trouble with my asthma. Anyway it was twice as hard to do it now since before I could have cut down the dead flowers and then raked the leaves and old plants. But now the new stuff is growing in and so I had to cut the old stuff being careful not to cut the new. And the old leaves I have to pick them out by hand. UGGGH. Every time I stuck my hand in the old leaves I kept waiting for some mouse or something to come running out. Nothing happened! Well I did find a tiny little toad. Jeana thought is was great fun to pick up and play with it. No, thank you Jeana I don't want a turn to hold it! Well if it is nice weather tomorrow, I have to finish the yard, I only got about half done, my back yard is big and it took longer than I thought it would. Maybe I will take some pics.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Well last week Jean has some horrible cold/virus that turned into a sinus infection. She then was better 3 days (still on antibiotics) and bam she got something else. A horrible vomiting virus with a fever. I know it was horrible because she shared it with me and I had it on Saturday. Nasty!! and I could barely leave my bed. I am feeling so much better today. I had to cancel a cookie booth, going to work and volunteering at church Sunday AM. I felt so bad calling a cancelling all those things but there was NO way I could even leave my bed. Every time I got up I would get dizzy, and have this huge heat wave hit me and then start feeling sick to my stomach, and you know what happens after that! So but I just wanted to get on here and say Brian has gone to get a new Car to us. Really it's a car my DEAR, DEAR Daddy has (he bought it at a garage sale, so like him) but he is letting us have it and pay him later. Well he told Brian $600 but he told me he didn't care if I paid him at all. Brian says I'm to do all the negations from now on. lol So Wheeeee no more driving all over town dropping everyone off!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

feeliing scattered

Since my car wreck, I have been so crazy busy. I feel like I am constantly going. I am taking everyone to school in the morning 3 different schools about 10 minutes apart and then I have to take myself to work, back across town. It's been nuts. Then add in 2 girl scouts doing cookie booths at different times ( they have 2 different troops), Jana is also working on her science fair project, and we also have Awana, I have the feeling I may go insane. Hey but other than hearing the words " would you like to buy a box of girl scout cookies" in my sleep I'm fine. Well I have to be brief in my posts for a while, I have tons of laundry to fold and my house is so messy, for some reason it is not cleaning itself. Why can't that be invented? We have self cleaning ovens, why not a self cleaning house! Well I guess that wouldn't be good, how would I get rid of all my aggression when I am mad if I don't have dishes to scrub?