Sunday, November 30, 2008

Don't cry over spilt milk mix

So I thought I would let you all know that Jeana is better. Friday her fever was less and then she had normal temp on Sat. Although since we stayed at home we have had a series of small calamities. The first on the night before thanksgiving Jeana broke a ornament that she was trying to put on the tree, I was a little upset about it because it was a baby's first Christmas ornament and we can't really get a new one. But what can you do? She was not being bad just hanging them up and one slipped off. The next day we were hanging the remainder of them and the same thing happened to me so then I had broke one too. Then I believe it was Friday night Jeana dropped a snow globe into the sink and glass glitter and yucky water was everywhere. I do mean everywhere. It was a mess. She was so up set I wasn't thrilled with the mess but could care less about the super ugly snow globe. Someone gave it to me I can't even remember who or where it came from. That is why it was in the bathroom. I let the girls decorate with the decorations I don't really care about. So it was cleaned up I was beginning to think we had a klutz problem. Then today Jeana went to pick up the milk mix container and the top popped right off and dumped the entire container of Strawberry Milk mix on the floor! We cleaned that up and all my husband could say was, well it smells good in here. lol

Thursday, November 27, 2008

We didn't go. Snif, Snif.

I'm kinda sad today, We didn't get to go visit my family. Jeana got sick and had a fever, since we have so many older people in our family we didn't go. My aunt can't be around anyone who is sick, because she has 3 autoimmune diseases. And also my Grandfather is doing chemotherapy so he cannot be around someone who is sick. Bottom line, we had to stay here. So yesterday when I realised Jeana had a fever, I called to make a doctor's appointment. She said our doctor was full and they only had appointments with JULIA, she is the nurse practitioner. I use to like her but, since last year I am very wary of anyone but our Doctor. We saw this same person last year when Jeana was so sick, she gave us the it's a virus and sent us home. She also told us that she would have a fever for prob. 5 days so, after the five days if she is not better come back. Let me tell you 5 days is a long time. Anyway she was the only one I could get an appointment with and I even thought about taking her to the urgent care instead. But she didn't seem that sick to me but I'm kinda paranoid about unknown origin fevers. But since all she complained about was a sore throat and a headache, I waited. She did the rapid strep test and Jeana freaked out a little about it. She doesn't do so go now that she had so much done last year. She kept saying it's too scary. But she said in my lap and did it and then I took her to get a drink. It came back negative so, the lady said, I believe it's a virus. HA! Like I want to accept that from her. I look back at her and said, her lungs sound OK? Her ears are not infected? No sinus infection? She looked at me like I was nuts, and said her fever should last not more than 3 days. I said alright, but I was thinking, OK but if your wrong this time this is your last chance....
So I had to go buy some food for Thanksgiving since all I had was pie and cheesecake. We had the abbreviated version this year. Jeana still has a fever but is not acting sick so the jury is still out for that. I was doing good today, considering I have never not seen at least my Mom and Dad for Thanksgiving. Last year they came to our house for Thanksgiving, before that I always traveled to OKC to see all the cousins, Grandparents, brother etc. My sister, wasn't coming coming this year either, she was thinking about it but decided not to since she had been gone a lot of November for her work. So I called to talk to everyone for Thanksgiving and did good until the very end. They let me talk to Mamaw last and I kind of lost it after she got off the phone, she said some very sweet things to me even if she didn't really know who I was. It made me so sad, not to get to be with her, I never know how much time is left for her so, hopefully Christmas I will get to see her, hug her one more time. So I'm off to freeze part of the cheesecake I made or we will all look like elephants here. I mean can 4 people eat the desserts meant for 14 people? No so if you want some pie, come on over! So on a good note, I am Thankful for my kids and my husband and friends, and not having to drive. Also Brian elected to stay home and not go see his family, so we got to be all together. Also I now have a fully decorated Christmas tree and do not have to do that next week. HAPPY Thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Where does the time go??

Well, I've used all my time reading others blogs that I have not much time for posting. I was too busy commenting on everyone's blogs. I am very long winded too. Today I spent most of my day fixing 2 pairs of jeans (my daughter wanted them to be less flair and more straight) but I got them a little too tight and had to let it all out. I hate ripping seam out. I watched Tinkerbell with Jeana and played around with her and danced. We were being silly dancing to the love bug song by the Jonas brothers. It's a fun song. Anyway my house looks like a disaster and I have to finish laundry, packing and make 2 pies, a cheesecake and pumpkin bread before I leave on Wednesday morning. So If I don't post again till after I get back have a Happy Thanksgiving. I am taking the laptop but I'm not sure I will have a connection so I will leave you with the recipe for my FAMOUS pumpkin bread. Ok I know it's not famous but it IS great.

Pumpkin Bread
Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees and grease and flour 2 loaf pans
3 cups Sugar
1cup oil
2 cups fresh pumpkin ( you can use canned I just don't)
2/3 cup water
4 eggs
Mix together and put aside
in another bowl combine
3 1/2 cups flour 2 teaspoons soda
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon salt
sift and add to wet ingredients. Mix till batter is smooth. Divide into the loaf pans and bake 1 hour. Sometimes it needs 10 -20 more min. Bake until tester comes out clean. Let cool for 30 min or so on wire rack and then turn out of pan and cool completely. You can also bake this in a bunt pan and put some cream cheese icing on top for a yummy holiday brunch.

To make fresh pumpkin. Cut pumpkin top off and scoop out seed like for a jack o lantern. Then you can cut up in chunks and take off outer skin of pumpkin and boil (stew) in water like squash. When you can pierce it with a fork easily it is done. Then drain off water and mash or I use food processor to puree it. Then I freeze it for when I want to use it.
You can cut off top and scoop out seeds and replace top and bake in oven till soft. Then allow to cool and scoop out flesh from rind and puree. I like method 1 better the pumpkin is not as dry.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

So Sad, and Mad at the same time.

This happened Sat and Sunday, I was so mad Sunday morning. Here is the scoop.
I have had some store credit at Catherines store for some time. My grandmother bought me some clothes and they did not fit and were not me. Surprise, surprise. This has been happening for years with me and my grandmother. Anyway I returned them and got store credit. I have had it since this summer but have not found anything I really wanted and since Catherines is not my favorite clothes store, I have not really gone to it to look. I decided since they were having a sale I should go look and try to find something that I could wear to my Grandmothers at Thanksgiving. I spend forever there looking and trying on things. Winter clothes are all long sleeved and since I am a short person they do not fit me right, usually they hit past my fingers about 2 or 3 inches. So after all of the trying on I decide to get 2 pairs of jeans that I could wear to work and I found a top that I could wear with pretty fall colors, it was dressy and I could wear it with my brown pants that I already had. So I decide I will wear it to church that Sunday morning, I get the girls ready, I fix my hair, put on make up, (that makes 3 or 4 times this year!) And I put my top on last so make up won't get on it. Put it on and huh? I feel something under my arm. I feel around and yea, it is one of those big security tags! I can't believe that happened AGAIN! About 2 years ago I bought a black dress from Catherine's for my best friends father's funeral. I show it to my husband after he gets home that night and we see the tag. I have no way of getting the tag off before I have to leave for B'ville in the morning. Catherine's opens at 10am and the funeral was at 11:oo in B'ville. I WAS SO MAD! Anyway I returned the black dress, and told them I had no reason to keep it since I had to wear something else to the funeral. This time I took it back and told them I am returning something that belongs to you and showed them the tag, they said sorry. So I was all pretty but I had to take off everything I had on and changed and quickly too to get to church on time. Oh well I will wear it to Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hey, been so busy lately I don't even remember what I wrote about last. So nothing wrong here every one's fine just super busy helping someone out and doing all the things I need to for my kiddos. Well I'm off to watch Survivor with my husband. It's our date. I know we are sad.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Puke, and Poop what could be better?

So today I worked a extra shift at the pre-school. I thought it was going to be good but I was WRONG! It started out good with only one of the twins coming to pre-school and everyone playing play-dough nicely. We manage to get circle time done alright but when it was time to get everyone to try to potty it went down hill pretty fast. There is a bathroom attached to our classroom and I leave the door open but I have to step into the bathroom and help whoever with snapping and hand washing and such. That being said they can be perfectly fine but as soon as I take one step into that bathroom they all loose it. I step out and one is standing on a table, one is pushing another and one is screaming because someone touched her! They turn instantly into crazed animals. It took multiple times to get the one child to do his time out without leaving the time out zone. He was just horrible. By the time I got everyone done in the bathroom and got their jackets on a was sweating like crazy. We went outside where the boy that was pushing proceeded to push several more times and I wanted to rip out my hair. Then one of the other boys screamed in my face because I tried to tie his shoe. The other teacher got all over him and told him not to talk to me that way. I wanted to swat his backside but I usually do want to do that to him at least twice a day so what else is new. So we proceeded inside to lunch. The other 2 year old teacher who I was filing in for showed up and asked me if I was suppose to go home now or could I stay until after nap time. I told her I wasn't told to go home when she showed up so she said good and we went on with going in for lunch. (boy do I wish that I had gone home) We gave the kids their lunches and one little boy wouldn't eat his very good. (he only eats hot dogs anyway) He tried to throw his lunch away with out eating any of it and I told him no he needed to eat some of his lunch. He got really upset and started crying. The other teacher came in and asked what was up with him and I told her and she said yes he needed to eat some. As this point he got hysterical and we told him he didn't have to eat the whole thing we just wanted to save it so if he wanted later he could have it. He kept crying. Finally he settle down and everyone else was finishing lunch and we decided he must not feel good. The other teacher picked up his lunch and put it away. She went out of the room to see about something and he got all upset again. I told him to come here and I would hold him. I got him calmed down and asked if he was better he said yes, I put him down and he promptly puked on the floor walked threw it and puked again in another spot. By that time, I had grabbed the trash and he was crying again and all the 2 year olds were freaking and I was gagging and trying not to be sick myself. The other teacher came in and grabbed wipes to clean him and try to get him to puke in the trash and I still trying not to puke myself got the other kids to stay in their seats, the pre-school director gave me something to sprinkle on the vomit to absorb it and looking at it again did it. I got sick in the sink with all those pre-schoolers and then had to clean that up too. YUCK. Anyway I was ready to leave when all the kids got picked up. I took my friends kids to pre-school today(they had another child in the hospital) so they left with me too. We were going to pick up the grade schoolers and then drop them off at their house. While waiting for the bell to ring the 3 year old pooped in her pants. She didn't tell me she needed to, just went and hid by the slide and did it. She wanted me to change her at the school but I had no wipes and no patience by this time and I told her she was just going to have to walk in it until I could get her home. She walked like a bow legged monkey (it would have been funny if I had any humor left by that time.) We got the big kids and I spread a bag for her to sit in and I took them home. I was going to let them come play for a hour, so my friend could take a longer nap but I decided that, since my day was already in the toilet, to cut and run.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I can't quit thinking about it.

Well while everyone was busy watching election coverage yesterday, I was not. I spent some time with my kids and then decided to watch a show on the satelite that would not get interrupted 50000 times with election updates. I was interested in the outcome but my watching it for hours would not change the outcome. So as I was watching the TV in my living room I saw a small shadow pass across the doorway. I wasn't sure what I saw or if I even saw anything but I got up and looked under the chair and found nothing when I moved it. Then about 30 min. later I saw something dash again. This time I SAW it and I was sure. It was a MOUSE. If you know me you will understand why I am upset. I think mice, are the most foul things ever and can't stand to know that one or more may be in my house. Now that I know I saw it, I freaked and started picking things up and moving them up high and puting things in tubs. I sat there and watched the place that I saw it run and saw it go back and forth at least 2 more times. OH yeah so much better than watching the election coverage. The last time I took a flashlight and looked for where it went and determined it went in the hole where we turn on the gas for our fireplace. So I put a very heavy tub on top of that and have not seen the little vermin since. I hope it dies a nasty death and all it's little vermin friends hear of it and run far far away from my home. That being said I went to my closet and put all my clothes on the top tier rack so that nothing was handing down. At the old house, we lived in a big field and we had a horrible trouble with mice. One got in my closet and climbed up a long dress that hung down and chewed down my favorite sweater, then they chewed up the hems of 4 other dresses and left their mark on countless other things. I threw away almost the entire contents of that closet even when some clothes were fine. I just couldn't wear them . So Now I have a two tier closet and everything is on the top because they just creep me out. They can get about everywhere and chew on anything. I have all my pictures in heavy Rubbermaid tubs because of the last invasion. I called my husband and told him to get poison, traps, gas I didn't care but to bomb them back to the stone age.
So today after work, I come home and check my email. I found out someone I graduated with has passed away. This makes me sad. I look up on google the circumstances and get very angry. This person was mowed down with a car. Someone decided they were mad and plowed into a group of people and killed 2 men. What gives them the right to take some one's life like that. I hope they lock that man up and toss the key. Well I the more I think on it the madder I get. I know the Lord will take care of it so I need to let him. I would never take matters into my own hands or I would be like that person that hit Dennis. Please pray for his kids he had 3 and 2 of them under 10 years old.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

She hit someone!

Ok, most of you know that my grandma is in a Alzheimer nursing care place, She has been having some fluid retention problems and they say she may be in kidney failure, but anyway she also has been having some behavior issues. They keep calling my aunt and telling her about it. We are afraid she is going to get kicked out of the place. Yesterday she hit a lady that works there because she thought another resident was her child and she was dragging the person along and they didn't want to go. The worker tried to get my grandmother to let go of the other resident and she then hit the worker because " she tried to take her child" I told my mom see how safe you were when you were little!!! So they had to rub more antipsychotic cream into her arm. My poor aunt gets a phone call everyday about what my grandma has "done" she said it's like being called to the principals office for your bad child. Well that's the update for now, I have to get off here and go Vote, and set up my Awana room. Pray for my family this gets harder all the time with my grandparents and it's really taking a toll on all of us.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Ureeka! I found it. (both of them)

I found my camera, someone had turned it into the office at Jeana's school and so it was safe and sound. I was sooo happy, we have other camera's but I like this one best. We have other's because my husband is the Will Rogers of electronics at Sears. He has never met a bargain he didn't like. So when there is a close out of a model he either buys it or finds a friend that needs it. He sometimes drives me crazy with it. So the other thing I found today was the picture of me with my brother and sister when we were little. I have been driving myself crazy looking for it. I had look in all the photo boxes/tubs of pictures and albums. I knew it was in a little purse sized album but couldn't find it. That's because it was in PLAIN SIGHT for a year for all I know. I found it on top of the microwave in the Kitchen go figure. It probably has been there from the time I unpacked it last year. I don't really even remember seeing it since we moved here. But the microwave is a magnet for little stuff that doesn't have a home. Well I was so excited I called my Mom and told her I found it. Anyway Saturday I wasted way too much time trying to figure out how to change the template on my blog. Why is it so hard compared to myspace? Also I couldn't find as many choices that I like so I may change it again soon. I like Heather's better than mine. I also lost my music when I changed it so I have to fix that too. Anyway since I wasted all that time, I forgot to cut up my pumpkins, since it wasn't cold and I don't have a extra fridge, I put them in the storage room (in the winter it is super cold in there) but it wasn't cold enough so they molded in one day. YUCK! I usually make jack o lanterns and the day or two after Halloween, I cut it up and take off the rind and cook it. Freeze the cooked pumpkin and make my World Famous pumpkin bread. Well it's really not world famous but very darned good. People at church will be crying if I don't bring it and my family will whine a lot too. So I only have 2 batches of frozen pumpkin left from the last time I cooked pumpkin. That will not last to make for teachers and friends for gifts so I will have to bite the bullet and buy another pumpkin and gut it and clean it. Oh well at least a pumpkin only cost $4.00. I'm also posting Halloween pictures since I couldn't before.