Monday, September 29, 2008

Test Results

Well, finally after much searching/ calling by my aunt my grandfather got his test results back. He does have small cell lymphoma. We don't know much else or anything about his treatment at this time. My grandma is in her new place and is doing better. They are giving her more powerful drugs and that seems to be helping. She is still able to walk and talk to people even though everything she says doesn't make sense. But her laughing instead of screaming that your going to hell is way better for everyone. My sister has been going to visit her most days and she has to leave at the end of this week to go home. My grandfather has not been able to visit her yet but hopefully he will feel stronger soon. I am going to be making a book for my grandmother so she has a labeled picture of everyone so she can look at them. Well I was lazy today and didn't feel very well so I slept most of today. So tomorrow will be a busy day, with taking both girls to school, setting up for awana, folding a Huge pile of laundry, taking Jeana to a Brownie meeting, and somehow getting to the store for food for dinner. Oh and I need to go by the Girl scout office and pay Jana's registration fee. I'm sure there are more things to do but I won't get them done so I will have to leave them for Thursday. Of course on Wednesday I have to go teach the little monsters at the preschool. I did finally weed out the dolls we are not keeping and put them in a bag for giving away or garage sale. It is a huge bag, you would be proud.

Monday, September 22, 2008

update, for Grandpa

I kept meaning to post but I don't know much more than last time. My grandfather did pass the blockage without surgery praise God for that. He had a biopsy for the lymphoma but no news of that. They did find a nursing home for my Grandmother but she had to go to a hospital first for 5 to 10 days so they could observe her and regulate her meds since she had been combative. She tried to bite, and hit my Mom and has hit my Grandfather too. My sis came to stay for a while with my Grandfather because he is so weak from his whole hospital stay. All he would tell me about was how awful the automatic beds were. lol I would love to go there and see him and help some but it's very cost prohibitive at the beginning of school when we have so much other things to pay for. Plus I'm not sure how my asthma child would do with the dust situation there. But PLEASE pray for my aunt and her whole work situation. She had to take off all last week because of the whole hospital drama and she has something called family leave and filled out the paper work, but because the DUMB doctor did not fill out the paper work like she told him to they have rejected the family leave. She could get fired for this and loose her insurance, she only has one month until she retires and would have insurance for retirement but if she gets fired before that, no insurance. I'm sure they are looking for any excuse her treatment cost $8,000. each month. Yes I meant to put that many zeros on that figure. It is a special blood transfusion because she has no antibodies for lungs and ear infections. She has 3 autoimmune diseases. So PLEASE PRAY that the protest she filed for her family leave doesn't get rejected and they overturn the first decision. Pray she doesn't get fired. Well I have to scoot to get to bible study.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's Crazy Here!

Ok, I found out yesterday that my Grandfather is in the hospital, he has some kind of blockage in his intestines and may have lymphoma. But they can't test his limp nodes until the blockage thing is cleared up. If it doesn't go with meds he may have to have surgery. Meanwhile everyone is freaking out trying to find someone to take care of my Grandma. Everyone has a job and no one has that much time off that lives reasonably close. I think my sister may come and help but she can't come till the 20th I think my mom said. My Mom has taken her personal days but if something else happens this school year she is messed up. I just am praying for God to take care of this. Well my arm is better today at least mostly it is still sore but not nearly as bad as yesterday. Last night my elbow popped and after the first initial pain it helped it. So I have to dash, I have to have everything ready for Cubbies tomorrow because I have to tell the story too, the story lady can't make it. bye

Monday, September 15, 2008

Misc. Meanderings

I haven't been on for a while, I 've been busy getting back into the school routine. I've also been helping a friend get ready for her foster child. Believe me there is a lot to do.
I realized the other day I talk but no one listens the first time, it's getting annoying. Why, Why, Why do I have to say change your clothes, 3 times every Sunday after church, it's not like it's a new thing. I have been making my kids change out of church clothes after church since birth, did they think I was changing my mind NOW?? Ok thats my rant for the day. I also have hurt my arm. It hurts mostly in my elbow but really all the way down from my shoulder into my fingers. When I make a fist it hurts in my shoulder. Fun huh. My husband thinks I pinched a nerve. Last night I decided to clean out the toy box, I don't know why that struck me as important then, but I started but didn't finish. Our toy box is a haven for stuffies and babies. All who have not been used in at least 5 months. So I thought I will get rid of these and combine this haven with the baby doll tub in Jeana's room. Yes we have more babies. But I made this huge pile and then, chickened out. I couldn't decide who was loved more than another one. So the pile sits till I come back from bible study. When I was trying to decide to toss from the babydoll tub yesterday, I had a doll that Jeana almost never played with and thought I will toss this, she said hey I love this one and started playing with it. I thought great that will be in my house for another year. Oh and no it was discarded on the floor about 4 hours later so I think it might disapper today while she is at school. So I will take some pics to you will see what a Large decision this it.
dolls from toy box and discarded doll
dolls from Jeana's doll tub and doll clothes.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

my Van

Nothing much has been happening so I decide to tell some of you about my van. My Van has been kind of a pain for a while and is got all kinds of things wonky with it. For starters it pings a lot of the time not just when I forget to turn my lights out or when the door is open but as I go down the road or if it just feels like it. It may do it for 10 minutes or it may stop when you wiggle the keys. Also it has a rattle by the sliding door. It sounds like the door is not closed all the way but believe me it is. I don't know how many times I have pulled over an slammed the door to make sure it is shut but no, that's not it. Also the window is broken again. Two years ago both automatic windows broke my husband attempted to fix them himself and when Mr fix it couldn't he paid $300 for the shop to fix. It came with a warranty and good thing because we took it back like 3 times before they were fixed and working. One time they said they were fixed, we get the van back and then I go to a drive though and bam, no window. So the other day the passenger side one broke again. Of course now the warranty is out now. Then the fun part the lights will no longer turn out in the interior of the car, yes my husband hand to yank out the fuse so it won't run out the battery. Then we have the whole key thing, sometimes my keys unlock the hatch of the van sometimes they won't, never know. Same thing on the passenger side door and sliding door. So when it's raining like the other day I'm trying to get my kids in the door fast so they won't get wet right? I'm running around the car like a maniac trying to unlock it. I know so don't lock it and then that won't happen. I'm kinda weird about that. I've always locked my door and when I don't and I have to get in the Van I go around checking the back seats to see if some one's hiding in there, it happens ya know. Anyway that goes back to the no light issue. I can't check the seats in the back if theirs no interior lights right? What else you say? How about the brake light is on even though I have new brakes and my husband has even bled the lines and checked everything? Oh and the other lights that come on and go off indiscriminately, who knows why. But even though I get frustrated with this vehicle I'm reminded with every rattle, ping or light that God gave me this van. During the worst time of my life he gave me this van free of charge. I have been driving it for 6 years and it is still running ( the motor part is at least) It is a blessing. I have been able to drive lots of kids to awana and vbs with this van and it has helped my family. I will tell you how I got it.

A family in my church (they have asked to be anonymous and so I comply with their wishes) they were getting a new van for their family, their old van still in good condition (at the time) could have been traded in for some off their new van's price but they felt like it could be a help to someone. They asked our pastor to pray about it and they prayed about it and unknown to me my husband was praying about how to get a larger car for our family, with out breaking our budget. They all were praying about this at the same time. The family giving the van and our pastor both came up with my name and asked me point blank if I wanted a van. I said sure but I don't have money for a van, they said no for free, I said your joking right? They said no. So a few days later I had a fully clean, lovely van to drive. So when I gripe about my van, don't think I don't remember about my blessing, because I do. I waiting for a new blessing to fix it.

Monday, September 1, 2008

I haven't posted in a few days I've been trying to spend more time with my kiddo's and keeping my house clean. But... Its not going so well. I have been having a lot of allergies and not feeling so good. I have had to use my inhaler before I go to sleep and then I have trouble sleeping or staying asleep. Then I fell asleep two days this week in the middle of the day because I was so tired. I took the kids to the park tonight, but we ended up leaving because this whole band of teen boys were monopolizing the slides and Jeana didn't feel comfortable playing with them around. We went to another park and that was better but I was creeped out by a man just watching all the kids. Maybe he was harmless, but maybe he wasn't. Anyway I kept a close eye on my kiddo's and he was still there when we packed up to go home. I know it is sad that I thought bad of this man I didn't know, but I have to watch out for my girls ya know? Well I have to put the dry rub on the ribs and put them in the fridge for tomorrow. Sorry you can't taste them they are super good, even if I did make them myself.