Wednesday, August 20, 2008

US Woman beach Volleyball strike gold!

I was excited to watch the US women win their 2nd gold medal in the beach Volleyball. They were awsome. Especially since it was pouring down rain the whole time the match was going. I would have said something like this. It's raining, the ball is slippery, the water is messing with my contacts, and the sand is STICKING to me. Let's do this another time. Those 2 women are tough. Congrats to them, it was awsome!

So I just finished reading one of my favorite blogs its because I said so. You all should check it out. Dawn is a awsome funny writer and tells her life in the most amusing way. Me I would be freaking out at all the stuff going on at her house and she is taking pictures to post. She is very cool. Well I started my preschool teaching life by going to my first meeting, next week is the open house and even though I am not the lead teacher it is making me very nervous. This place wants the teachers to come up with their own curriculum and it is a lot to think about. As the helper teacher I am suppose to be able to take over the lead teachers job at anytime if she is sick or something. But how can I do that if I don't know what she is planning. And believe me when I tried to talk about what she was going to do for open house she had NO CLUE! So I am trying to be calm and let it go. (not very easy for a controlling person) so I went on tonight to my Awana training meeting that I was teaching, only 1 person out of 3 showed up. I spent at least 3 hours plus getting ready for this meeting and only one person has the courtesy to show. Kudos to that person for her punctuality and actually showing to something she said she would be at. Earlier I was mocking my husband while he played his game and using sarcasm. he was telling one of his buddies about it and I told him I was a gold medalist in Mocking and a Silver at Sarcasm. Maybe I have gotten carried away with the Olympics, NAWWW.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

teen birthday

Yesterday, we had a birthday party for Jana with her friends. She just wanted pizza, cake and her friends to hang out. No problem right? Well some of her friends don't know each other and she invited a few guy friends. It was like a Jr high dance. Every one was just sitting and staring at each other. I thought this is a bomb. But I was afraid that Jana wouldn't like me just hanging out with them. So I left the room and just kept a eye on them. It got a little better but I finally went in there and started asking them questions about school and things how uncool was that. but it worked I told them some stories about me and they laughed and then one of them started talking. Thank goodness otherwise it was going to BOMB. When everyone left to go home they all seem like they had a good time. I even heard the first boy tell his brother who came to pick him up say" why'd you have to come and get me now??" So Jana was happy and that's what I wanted so Mission Accomplished! So now I just have to figure out how to be a cool and fun 2 year old pre-school teacher. I'm to go meet the other teachers on Wednesday so think about me. I have not worked with people I don't know in a long time. I'm a little apprehensive. And I have to get the no shopping teen to buy school clothes with her $100 from grandma. Grandma always has stipulations with her gifts.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


The Olympics are here! Yeah, I'm not really a sports nut but for me I love to watch all of my countries athletes competing and winning. I just watched the women and men's swimming which is some of my favorites, along with the diving, gymnastics are my favorite, and also the rhythmic gymnastics. I confess, I also like to watch the running. My 12 year old daughter got really excited about the women's fencing, after we swept the medals in fencing she said the next day she would love a sword. Like THAT'S going to happen! She also glided about the carpet after watching the Olympic ice skating at the winter Olympics.
So since today was a super nice day, not to hot or cold, I told my girls they should go for a bike ride. Well miss Jeana crashed a burned big time. She had the full scale crash with the bike falling on top of her. When I got to her she had blood running all down her leg into her shoes. She was crying and screaming and in true girl style she started worrying about blood in her shoes. Thankfully they were Croc's and easily washed off. Ahh Croc's I love those shoes. BTW, I have about 5 pairs of them myself. I love them. especially the cool retro wedge sandals. But the ones I like and wear the most are the flip flops. but I am getting off the point. I felt bad that I had sent them out to get some exercise and then crash! Well she is recovering, but it is a pretty nasty scrape. Well I'd better go get some rest. I seem to be making 1am my new bedtime, not cool when school is starting and I have to get kiddo's ready for school. Why am I the first one up and the only one in my family that doesn't actually go to a school? There's something whacked with that if you ask me. That may have to change but I doubt it. Well I could ramble all night but I should go take my eyes out. (contacts silly)

Friday, August 8, 2008

6 months

Just for everyone to know, my aunt took my grandmother to the doctor yesterday and the doctor basically said she has at the most 6 months left. He saw how out of control her emotions were and told my grandfather he should not push food on her all the time. Offer her the food at mealtimes and if she doesn't eat so be it. He said he had made a valiant effort. My Mamaw has lost 20 pounds since the last time she was at the doctor and that was a few months ago. She has lost weight every time she has gone to the doctor for several years now. She has been refusing to eat or drink a lot of the time and until yesterday my grandfather has spent 2 hours at each meal trying to coax her to eat or use tricks to get some kind of food in her. This is very hard, not that she is going to die, we have know that was going to happen for a long time now. This slow torture for her, and for us. It is so hard to watch someone you love just waste away and not even understand why themselves why this is happening. This may sound harsh to some, but we are ready for her to go to be with the Lord. We know that is where she will be and we don't want her to hurt anymore. I was thinking about all the things we had done, and I will always remember her loving me for me and her laugh. She always made me feel pretty, even when others did not. I was her dark hair beauty. When I was 10 she wrote this little poem in a autograph book for me. She wrote

"Remember me, you may, you must
as long as you can bite a crust.
And when you can no longer bite,
forget me if you think it's right."

I will never forget you Mamaw, you will live in my heart forever, just like I know even though you don't know me now, but I will live in your heart too.

Sorry this post was so sad. I just had to get it out there. I know people know that my grandmother has Alzheimer's but sometimes get the feeling they are tired of hearing about it or don't want to know about it so they won't have to face getting old themselves. I know it is more likely that I will get this because it runs in families so I have to face it. I can't let this go with out making plans for the future and my family, that way my family won't have to make all these hard decisions themselves.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I didn't realize how busy I have been until I described all that I had been doing the last month to a friend. Since VBS we have had 2 guest and painted a bedroom, Now we are gearing up for back to school. Also, I am keeping my friends little 3 year old for the next 2 days. We will see how that goes. She is a super cute little princess and my girls love her so we should have lots of fun. Now that said it is time to vent!!! Today we got in the mail a extra list for school. Never mind the list that we already picked up at Wal-mart. This list had 2 times the stuff as the other one. That wouldn't have bothered me except that I had already bought school supplies on the TAX FREE day. I hate that they leave things to the last. They know we have this tax free day every year, why why can't they send this list before that day???? OK now I have ranted, I better go so I can watch, Jon and Kate plus 8. I love that show!!!