Thursday, August 6, 2009

Home Alone ??

So I have just been hanging out lately and of course playing on FB. Doing summer things with my kids and such. So this week I wanted to watch a movie with my kids, we usually do that a lot in the summer and haven't been renting any movies because we are trying not to do much that cost money this summer. BUT I thought if I could find a movie or two that my kids hadn't seen, that is at the Library, that would be the way to go. So I thought Hmmm what could we see, I thought maybe Home Alone. Jana had never seen it or Jeana so I borrow it and the Home Alone 2 and we laughed our heads off. Have you ever forgotten how funny something is until someone who hasn't seen it, see it and laughs, that was the way these were for me. We had a excellent time and so tomorrow I may have to go think of some other old movies to watch. I will say there was some language that was not my favorite but we talked about what was not nice when it happened so I think it was ok. Of course Jana already knew what was bad and she was so quick to tell her sister (DON'T say THAT!) she is so bossy- (I don't know where she gets that! lol) Well, I am starting to also gear up for another year of Awana, and start a new year at the pre-school, over the summer some changes were made so we will see what happens. I also may substitute... Keep praying for the right job for me, I still not sure what God wants me to do in regards to working full time. Good Luck with the start of school everyone!