Monday, June 30, 2008

slowly loosing it.

I must not be getting enough sleep, I feel like I am loosing my grip. Last week I lost my paycheck for 4 days. I thought I had left it at church but no I just went all over the church where I had been on the Tuesday, when I had last seen it. Finally after retracing my steps for the 4 th time I realized I had picked up a box of vbs stuff to work on this week. The flowers to make lei's, they needed holes punch in the middle of them so I took them home so I could do that. So all week I had been putting those flowers back in the box and when I dumped the box, Wallah, the paycheck that I had been making myself crazy over. OK fast forward to the next day. Today I realized at the end of the day we had movies that needed returned to the Library. One had not been watched by my daughter so I told her to go watch it while I rounded up all the other 5 day items that were due. I even looked at each person's library check out list online to make sure we had everything, I picked up the movies and when my daughter was done watching, I told her to grab her stuff so we could go. We only had a hour until the library closed. So we go return the stuff and check out new stuff. While we are checking out the new stuff the librarian said. I just called your house, you left one of your Barney tapes in our case and left our movie at your house. I just stood there looking stupid! I couldn't believe I had done that. I told her I was sorry and she just rechecked it for next week, but I still felt a little dumb. Then when we got home there in the floor was the DVD that my daughter was suppose to grab after she watched it. I wanted to scream ARRRRR. I mean what was the point of going tonight to the library if it wasn't to keep us from getting late fines??? So now you know why I may loose it. Not to mention the ant details I have to tell but I will leave that for another post.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Ants go marching....

So here we have not been doing so much mostly I have and my husband have been battling the ants that keep invading our house. I am sick of it. First we had them in the bathroom. My husband sprayed and they were gone ... for a few days. Then he sprayed again and they were gone mostly, I have seen a few in there, they must be mutant ants that adapted to the posion spray. Then my daughter left a napkin out in the family room and the next thing I knew they were swarm all over the 2 crumbs of brownie like there was no tomorrow. Ugh.. I cleaned up them killed a million of them with spray and sprayed ant killer all around the patio door and windows and baseboards. Then a few days later they were found marching up the front of the dishwasher and all down the counter top. I felt like ripping my hair out. I mean my husband has already sprayed our yard and around the house but because of the constant rain it is just not working. So I kill all the little invaders all over the place again and the next day my husband gets under the house in the crawl space and sprays yet again for the ants. So my husband got on a fixing kick the other day and bought a new kitchen sink (the old one has been leaking for a while) and put it in. He fixed a few other things that day and I told him how great the sink looked. The next morning I go to my new sink and look in it.. I guess the ANTS thought it was great too because they were all over it. They were swarming a chocolate milk glass that my husband drank out of the night before. I do the dishes but he drinks and eats at like midnight and I don't do those till the next day. Yes, I have been trying to get him to rinse the dishes for 17 years and still no compliance, we even had a deal he was to do the dishes if he left out unrinsed cups. He reneged. I know he is pitiful. Well after feeding the ants I decided to wash most of them down the drain and spray the rest with poison. For a time one of the the ants appeared to be swimming in it, I thought great they love it. So I am planning on buying some gel that kills ants and putting it around the kitchen window, I am at a loss to what to do. I have been trying not to leave any food out but with kids and the husband, its hard anyone have suggestions???

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Nothing out of the ordinary

Well the other night while laying in bed I thought of a great post for the blog. I thought I will post that when I get up, not wanting to wake my husband who was sleeping. But when I got up that morning I could not remember a thing I had thought of writing about. Is that not horrible. Still 3 days later I still can't remember anything. It is a wonder that I can find my way around town or remember to brush my own teeth. Right now not much is going on here, I am preparing VBS crafts. I have cut up foam until I am tired of it and cut straws up too for lei's. Tomorrow I may punch holes in flowers until I am mortally tired of it. But when we make the crafts with the kiddos we will have great fun.
Also my youngest is away at my parents so it is very quiet around here. We have enjoyed doing things with the oldest daughter that would not interest the younger one. Well hopefully I will have a more exciting stuff to write about the next time. Next month I am going to my 20 year reunion and that should provide some interesting things.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

What a 6 year old takes a picture of

So lately my youngest has become fascinated with taking pictures around the house and yard. So I decided to share them with you all. Some of her pictures are more along the view of modern art. I'm not sure why a drain was interesting but I just glad it was clean. The flower is good, never mind that it is upside down. It is always good to take pictures of your friends artwork. And to top it off it is always a plus when you can irritate your sister while taking all these master pieces.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I haven't been on for a few days the last few nights I have talked to my Mom about her bi monthly trip to go see my grandparents. She always washes my grandparents bedding, clothes and makes some food for them to eat. She also washes my grandmother's hair and rolls it and sets it. Most of this is done under extreme duress because my grandmother not remembering who my mother is, screams at her that she can wash her own hair, or dress herself or that she is being held prisoner or other stuff, like that she is mean. So my Mom need someone to talk about it when she gets home. Some of the stuff (my grandmother does would be funny if it wasn't so sad.) like when she tells my Grandfather that her husband is going to beat him up. lol that just makes me laugh. Yeah he will beat himself up.
Just to make it clear, my mom lives 2 hours away and my grandfather has refused to move, we had my grandmother in a memory care facility, he took her out, he won't let us get him meals on wheels and we had someone coming from home health and cleaning but they moved away and he won't get anyone new. He says they will steal from him. I live even farther and my sister lives like 12 hours away. My brother lives the closest but he has 2 full time jobs and he is not one to wash a old lady's hair. He has helped my grandpa with some fixing on the house and mowing the lawn but my grandpa is very stubborn about getting other kind of non family help.
So my Mom brought some baby door knob covers so my Grandmother can't leave the house, she has left 2 times this year and is always trying to leave. ( she thinks it's not her house, she is always going home.) Well the baby covers worked but they make my grandma mad (what else is new?) She has been yelling at my grandpa about him breaking the door. Well what would we expect? my grandmother is very feisty.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

forgetting things

Sorry I haven't posted for a few days Saturday I had to catch up on all the folded laundry. I did not make my 12 year old fold it all but she is going to help put it away- but she doesn't know it yet! Last night I intended on posting but... I went to work (at my church ) and they were talking about the VBS meeting that was the next day. I said that is tomorrow? I thought it was next week. AHHH, I had planned to have all my sample crafts made and I only had two. So after all my kiddos were picked up I gathered my materials that I stashed, um I mean organized, I took them home and had a mini marathon craft session. I couldn't make all of the things but got most of them done. I took a picture so you all could see them. But I keep forgetting things lately, more than I use to all the time. I am beginning to think I have Alzheimer's early or sympathetic forgetfulness like my Mamaw-- my family always said I was like her but this is taking it a little far.
Also after the meeting I ended up working so Kudo's to my husband who had to cook supper and was so great about our change in plans.