Thursday, November 26, 2009

laughing till I cried

So I know gasp! She blogged, I bet you all thought I was injured or something! Anyhow I know I am a sad writer. I am just more of a talker not a writer, but I have been having such a good thanksgiving I thought I would share... So yesterday, we refer to it as pre-thanksgiving, was very busy, I had pies to make and told the girls they cou.ld help. Everyone who has kids knows any kid help always takes twice as long, but how else can you teach them to do it unless they actually try it first. So I have been working lots and so my house was also very messy and so I asked Brian to clean up with me and so we all pitched in and in about a hour or so we had a decent looking family room and kitchen, then we made the pies and since the day was so full we had a slap together dinner, of frito chili pie and hotdogs. Jeana meanwhile had decided to have one of her shows with tickets and dressing up as usually she had on her fancy dress up clothes and some glitzy little high heels when she came to dinner. Jana was telling us a story about what had happened at school...So Jana and her friend were in her Math teacher's class and discussing you know that movie that half the world is freaking out about.. New Moon and the friend and the teacher were discussing how they only went to see it because they thought a certain character was hot. Jana and the other girl thought it was funny that this teacher thought someone was hot and when the rest of the class came in they tried to get the teacher to tell what they had been talking about and the teacher said I don't want to sound like a pedophile... but when Jana told the story she pronounced it PITA FILE... which made me laugh cause I immediately thought of pita bread with metal files sticking out with alfalfa sprouts and the more I tried not to laugh the more I did. I told everyone else what I thought and Brian and Jana both laughed too, we were really quite rowdy and Jana kept say shut up and that made her Dad tease her some more. .. So we had finally settle down and were nearing the end of the meal and Jeana said she was done and as she walked out in her feathery dress and heels she said That was the rudest Fancy dinner party I have ever been too!!!! I almost fell out of my chair laughing so hard and laughed until I cried... sometimes real life is just too funny.

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Heather said...

It's good to have those kinds of moments!