Sunday, July 27, 2008

recovery, painting, vbs

So, its been a while since I blogged. I was so busy getting ready for vbs, and for my reunion, that I had very little time for computer or even e-mail. I actually forgot to check the regular mail for a week. Since vbs was last week I am still recovering from the busyness of it all. I went straight from my reunion, tossed everything out of the car and then set up and decorated all afternoon and most of the evening. Thanks to my friend who sent a child care worker to help me set up.
S - is a super helper and always helps me out someway during vbs. Anyway we had a blast at VBS the crafts were fun (thank you, thank you) and I didn't even have one kid get extremely on my nerves. That's God taking care of everything for me and letting me enjoy the kiddos. I'm not saying it wasn't work but the good kind ya know. Anyway the reunion was very fun, I'm glad that I went and appreciate all the work everyone did to help put it on. Thanks to class of 1989 people that were there just to help and take pictures. So if we haven't been busy enough we decided since my husband is off today and tomorrow that we would paint the older child's room. We promised we would paint when we moved in and it didn't happen because of the hospital extravaganza that we had in December. So we finally decided to do it and thought we would get it done before my sister came on Wednesday. But... my husband pulled a muscle in his side and could reach above his head to paint, so I was stuck doing all the high places and that means climbing the step ladder over and over, and over and over, Did you all know I'm 5' 3" . No way can I reach the top and I usually don't have to I'm married to 6' 4" . But today I had to do the top and it was no fun. Plus the step ladder we had kept creaking alarmingly. I was sure it would crack down the middle and there would be aqua paint everywhere. But I finally finished and so we can put furniture back tomorrow. Then on to cleaning, cleaning for sis. She usually wants me to sew something for her, when she comes so don't be surprised when you hear all about it. Last year it was perfect pillows with tufting. (did I mention I had never tufted before then!!) I read about it on the Internet and did it when she wasn't looking so she would drive me crazy. I love my sister but she is more of a perfectionist than me, that's scary!

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