Thursday, July 10, 2008

bleary eyed and tired

Well, I am so tired tonight It will not be a long post. I have to go pick up Jana from staying at my parents this week. I am tired because I have painted Jeana's room this week and also the bed. The wooden Loft bed was a endless painting problem. It was horrible I would roller one side look at the other side and there were drips so I would fix that and look at the other side more drips. AHHHHHHHH OK now I feel better. I am one of the anal people that can't stand stuff like that. If you find like a million mistakes in here it is only because I have stayed up till 2 am like 3 nights running. So you will like the color of Jeana's room if you love the pink color inside pepto. Yep that pink. In fact I had a pink room that color, I told my husband I had been in this room before. I can say I didn't pick that color, my mother did. My husband takes my girls to Lowe's, Home Depot, Sears and lets them bring home paint colors, he has been doing this for months. Then the other day he told them to pick from their samples so we could paint. I mean really you should see some of these colors. It is crazy!! So we are LUCKY to get this color it could be much worse. I will post pictures tomorrow but I am just too tired. We also have been decorating for VBS and making decorations all afternoon. I have to finish my Hawaiian shirt I have just the collar left to do but I already had to take it off once. So I stopped so I won't make a mistake again because i am so tired. I have to backspace every other word so good night for now. Thank the Lord for spell check! My mom has to go to the Alzheimer unit, I mean my Grandparents house this weekend so we will be getting a update soon, on what crazy stuff my grandmother has been doing.

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