Sunday, February 15, 2009

This weekend.

So, most of this week was devoted to Valentines day, we spend to majority of it making crafts for pre-school, cubbies and making this fabulous glittering, obnoxious box for Jeana's valentines. So girly. I was in charge of the Valentines Party for Jeana's class and we did have a good time. I had less help because one child's parent couldn't be there. Her child projectile vomited about a hour before the party. Needless to say we were happy for her to take her child on home. Brian and I went out for Valentines day and had a good time at Johnny Carrino's. I love the dinner we had I had the wedge salad and Scalopini. Anyway Brian had pepperoni bread and he was happy. He is not a big Italian person but he knew I like the place. So Sunday we were having my sister in law and Brother in law come to our house, so I left church after Sunday school so I would be there in time for them to get to my house. Below is what happened on my way home.
I was just glad no one was seriously hurt. I have a few bruises and so do the girls but we are all fine. My car on the other hand is not. It was drivable but the doors don't open except the drivers door and 2 of the windows are out. The dash window is cracked too. My beautiful FREE car! But God will work out something for us. So I'm not going to worry. Talk to you soon. My phone is ringing.

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Heather said...

I'm so grateful you all are OK... !!