Monday, February 2, 2009

Superbowl party..

We had a great party, the house was full everybody brought food and I had such fun talking to everybody. I watched not one play of the football game. SO like me. Brian had a good time and it was for him. My house was megga clean and so I sat down to relax after everyone left and it was so quiet. So quiet that I could hear the click, click CLICKING of a mouse running across my floor. OH MY _______..I can't believe it. I hate those little vile creatures. I freaked and yelled for Brian and we put out the poison for it. Totally ruined my party good feeling. ARRG!

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Heather said...

it's that time of year!!! When mice scurry into our homes... YUCK!!! We had a problem with them at the beginning of mouse season, but they seem to have all disappeared! Thank heavens!