Monday, April 13, 2009

I know, your saying, where have you been?? Well, to tell the truth, I have just felt quite and reflective. 2 weeks ago my husbands grandmother passed away. This is the 2nd grandmother in our family this year. So my girls had 3 greatgrandma's at the start of 2009 and now we are down to one. The one that is still with us is not doing so hot. So please pray for her. She actually told me when I went down for my Mamaw's funeral that her teeth were hurting her so bad she hadn't been sleeping, but she didn't get them fixed last year because she didn't want to WASTE the money. She thought she would die before the temporary crown started bothering her. I told her in no uncertain terms to get it fixed I wasn't letting go that easy. She has several medical problems and I know they are hard on her. Anyway she has not been doing so good since my Mamaw died, she was actually too sick to attend the funeral and I think that has been bothering her. She keeps talking to my Dad about changing arrangements for her funeral and things also. Anyway she is 86 years old and lives alone and now her hip is bothering her. But it was be very hard to handle right now if something happened to her. My relationship is very different with her, than my other grandmother but I love her and we have had enough this year.
I will miss Brian's grandma (they called her grandmumsey) she was a funny lady, that did many things for others. I remember the first time I met her she was talking to us and she said to Brian, he my hair is growing back (she had some heart medication that made her hair fall out) So then as soon as she blurted that out she lifted up her wig and showed us. I just about fell over laughing. She also gave me a rolling pin for a wedding present. She had a cute little poem with it that said something to the effect that the rolling pin was for baking but it could also be used to keep husbands in line! I wish I had saved the poem. Well it is late and I have lots of work for tomorrow. Gotta gear up for VBS planning. God is comforting us and we really are doing pretty good.

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Heather said...

just keep in mind the good times you had with them. You are blessed to have had them in your lives!