Monday, March 23, 2009

enough said

My day started off with lost eye glasses for Jeana, which sent us scrambling to get to school on time. This progresses after I dropped her off to a spilled drink ( coke everywhere in the newly done interior of my car) oh and of course on my new coat and on my bible. I will omit the screaming and the almost swearing I did. Brian said he was glad he wasn't with me. Then on to an Asthma attack for Jana, had to leave school early and go get her. She is still having trouble. Then after picking up Jeana, found out she did not have a stellar day for concentrating on her work. Oh and then when making supper, I DROPPED the 4 pork chops I was going to grill. The Styrofoam broke in half! After washing them off and grilling them we had dinner, I loaded the dishwasher and hid out in my bedroom... I put Jeana to bed and I'm done! I going to sleep and hope for better tomorrow! It's not that today was just so bad. It's just that it was not good. Good night I'm off to read my slightly soggy bible.
P.S. Nothing is ever all bad, Jeana drew a beautiful rainbow picture for me, because I did not have a good day! It was so sweet.

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Heather said...

Some days are JUST LIKE THAT!!!