Monday, June 30, 2008

slowly loosing it.

I must not be getting enough sleep, I feel like I am loosing my grip. Last week I lost my paycheck for 4 days. I thought I had left it at church but no I just went all over the church where I had been on the Tuesday, when I had last seen it. Finally after retracing my steps for the 4 th time I realized I had picked up a box of vbs stuff to work on this week. The flowers to make lei's, they needed holes punch in the middle of them so I took them home so I could do that. So all week I had been putting those flowers back in the box and when I dumped the box, Wallah, the paycheck that I had been making myself crazy over. OK fast forward to the next day. Today I realized at the end of the day we had movies that needed returned to the Library. One had not been watched by my daughter so I told her to go watch it while I rounded up all the other 5 day items that were due. I even looked at each person's library check out list online to make sure we had everything, I picked up the movies and when my daughter was done watching, I told her to grab her stuff so we could go. We only had a hour until the library closed. So we go return the stuff and check out new stuff. While we are checking out the new stuff the librarian said. I just called your house, you left one of your Barney tapes in our case and left our movie at your house. I just stood there looking stupid! I couldn't believe I had done that. I told her I was sorry and she just rechecked it for next week, but I still felt a little dumb. Then when we got home there in the floor was the DVD that my daughter was suppose to grab after she watched it. I wanted to scream ARRRRR. I mean what was the point of going tonight to the library if it wasn't to keep us from getting late fines??? So now you know why I may loose it. Not to mention the ant details I have to tell but I will leave that for another post.

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