Sunday, January 25, 2009

Super Bowl party..

So We are having a super bowl party. Yes I know I hate sports but it is for my husband. We invite our Sunday School class and some other friends over and those of us who don't care about the ball game can gab and stuff our faces with all the yummy food. Brian's birthday is the week after the game so he considers it his birthday party. We did this last year and we had so many people we couldn't fit them all in our living room. So this year we moved all the furniture from the living room into the family room. We had gotten a larger TV in the Family room this past summer but have not gotten furniture in there mainly because it's full of Jeana's toys. But it is connected to the Kitchen and therefore more people can sit in it and we can have a better party. So we moved all the toys to the living room and all the furniture in the family room. As soon as we did it I sat down and started thinking.. This room needs painted. I hate these curtains.. I will make myself crazy by the time the superbowl comes around. OH well that's just me!!

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Heather said...

I hear ya, girl!! Have fun next Sunday!