Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow days.. the best!

We have been having a great time with the snow days, I know some of my friends are ready for the school to be back in session because they have fighting kids and such but yesterday we all were laughing here so much, I almost hurt myself. Jeana is one of the funniest little people I know and she makes me laugh all the time. Jana the older one, well how can I say it.. she is just a easy target! So we were all playing on the computer yesterday and reading every one's 25 random things and I had commented on some one's that I knew something was wrong with them because they liked chunky peanut butter. I then got a extra dig in on my hubby by saying he like chunky too. So Jana and I were laughing so hard at that and then she realized and said HEY! I like chunky peanut butter too! I laughed so hard at her. So that set Brian to laughing and so she started acting all indignant and walking through the house. Jeana at the same time was creating a SHOW.. She said as Jana was walking through, Hey you can't go back here you have to have a pass a backstage pass.. (Jana ignored her and kept walking) then the next thing we hear is Jeana yelling SECURITY! SECURITY!.. it was the funnies thing and Brian started laughing all over again.. Good ol' Hannah Montana. I'm sure that is where it came from.


Heather said...

Does she watch iCarly? Cause my girls do the security bit but we don't watch Hannah - we're iCarly people here!

Glad you had a good day!

Jkhb said...

Yes, we watch that too. So maybe it was from that. It was so funny Brian and I bust out laughing.