Sunday, January 4, 2009

Crazy stuff

Just a quick update... I was planning on going to church tonight but got waylayed by the phone. My Mom called and said they had to transport my Mamaw to the hospital last night about 1am. They called my aunt around 11pm and said she was complaining of pain in her leg but not the leg that she fell on (she fell before Christmas and had to have her leg x-rayed cause they thought she might have broken her hip, it was just bruised) She is not really easy to understand because when she starts hurting she gets real manic and the weekend staff at the place don't know how to deal with her. So they call my aunt and my aunt doesn't want them to transport her because this is like the 4th weekend in a row they have called and want to take her to the hospital. They mostly don't know how to pacify my grandmother. Anyway she wants to talk to the Doctor that told them to transport her and they give her the number. She calls and he says that she can stay and he will come see her tomorrow and he will call them and tell them NOT to transport her. My aunt calls them back and they have transported her anyway and so my aunt has to drive from Enid to OKC at 1am and she has already taken her pain medication that makes her sleepy so my Mom stays on the phone with her in B'vill till she gets to the Hospital to see what is going on. Turns out she is complaining about the other leg and not the one she fell on but they have already x-rayed the other leg before my aunt gets there. She has a blood clot in the other leg so they gave her some blood thinner and pain meds and sent her home with my aunt. They wanted to transport her again but that would have cost more $$$ and would have made my Grandpa mad. So my aunt took her back and gave the people the meds and paperwork that said they should be able to put her on hospice. This was at 4am. She went to her apartment in OKC and slept for a while. When she called they said mamaw was fine. But when my aunt went to check on her she said she was pitiful and saying she hurt again. They had not given her the pain meds and they had lost all the paper work about the hospice and medication. This makes me want to bang my head into a wall because if they don't have paperwork about the medication they can't give it to her. My aunt was calling the doctor to find out if he took it when he saw my grandmother today. This was the last I heard and so I may update again, Later today. Oh and the doctor in the hospital said this clot may break loose and cause a stroke or a heart attack for my grandma but the other treatment is surgery and no doctor will touch her with her history. Not that we would let them she is DNR already.


Heather said...

I'm so sorry to hear this.

Crockstar said...

Oh wow, this is crazy. How can they lose paperwork that is crucial to keeping a patient comfortable???? Did I read this right that your mom stayed on the phone for three hours?

I hope everything come out okay please update.


Jkhb said...

Yes, she had to my aunt has like 3 autoimmune diseases and takes a lot of medication at night. But she is the one that has the power of attorney so my mom can't go tell them what to do. My aunt always checks with her about decisions but she has it because she lives part time in OKC, but on the weekend she goes to her real home in Enid. Anyway Mom said her batteries died and she had to talk to my aunt while it was plugged in but wanted to make sure she stayed awake.