Wednesday, July 1, 2009

We forgot..

Well, since I last blogged, we have been busy with packing and getting Jana off to student life camp and Jeana packed off to be with Grammy for the week. With that said it was so busy getting laundry done, and everything they both needed put in a compact way, so at least Jana could carry her own stuff. Well Brian and I were very excited we had a whole 5 days with just us. So we had a date out, we had another couple over and just had some good time together. It was still a crazy week, with Jana texting us every night and hearing about what was happening with her. For instance, her nebulizer and medication for it was lost at camp (now found) and her glasses broke also. Then I had to meet Mom in Vinita to pick Jeana up, so Jeana and I could go to Silver Dollar City with her Brownie troop on Sat. I get to Vinita and the a/c is just barely blowing cool air, I think great this again.. it happened before but when you stop and get out for a hour or so it is usually fine. So we ate lunch and went out to the car to put Jeana's stuff in my car and I tried to start the car. Yep not starting, I knew Brian had said something about a loose wire around the starter so I called him and let him tell Dad where it was and Dad messed with it and got it to start. So we were on our way right? So 10 minutes into the trip home, it only takes a hour, we have no a/c. Not even blowing a little bit cool, so we roll the windows down and just bear it! Jeana was so good she only said I'm hot once. Well we get home I call Mom and tell her I'm home (I always do that), and then 25 minutes later Jana calls and her bus is home early, so we run and get her. So later that night I find out we missed being either being in a huge wreck or stuck for hours and I do mean HOURS on the highway with no A/C. Yes, that wreck that happened in OK that 10 people died in, I missed it by 5 to 10 minutes. If it had taken, Dad longer to get the car started, I would have been in that mess. I'm so glad God took care of that. We had only 1 cup of water in the car with us and some of those poor people were waiting for hours. Anyway, I have been thinking of that for days, along with spending time with Jeana and her Brownie troop at Silver Dollar city, we didn't get in until after 1opm on Saturday. Sunday we were wiped out. But we had a great time. I posted some pictures on FB. I realized after that I forgot to get someone to take a picture with me and Jeana together. I need to get better at that. Anyway to the whole point of this post. Brian and I have been so busy since the girls came home, having fun with them and spending time all together, that we forgot it was our ANNIVERSARY on the 29th! I'm totally laughing about it too. It's not that we didn't get to do stuff this whole week before it. Neither of us mentioned it at all on the day it was. I can't be mad he forgot (he has never forgotten any date before) I forgot too! So tonight we talked about it and laughed and said Happy Anniversary. So on to the next Holiday.. 4th of July we are going to go do our usual, Pizza in the park and watch the fireworks with the kids. So happy 4th and don't forget what we are celebrating.

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Heather said...

Sometimes life just gets in the way! Brian & I forgot our first date anniversary - we NEVER do that. I actually remembered, but was too busy to actually call him or even text him!!! Craziness, this life!