Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Finally Home..

Well we are back from the Christmas with both families, I got to see my Mamaw and papaw, Sue Sue and Uncle Wayne, my cousin, Jill and her husband Chris. My brother, Steve and nephew, Tanner, My Mom and Dad and my other Grandmother on my Father's side, Grandma Ginny, We had a good time and the girls always have fun seeing everybody. We have not got to see some of my family for 2 years so we were so happy to see them. We went on to see Brian's family in Muskogee ( Mine were in OKC) we then came back through Tulsa, for my Birthday and to go to Casa Bonita. We are almost always still traveling around visiting or coming home from visiting family so it has become a tradition to go to Casa Bonita for my birthday. I love to go there, we use to go to Casa when I was little on our way to OKC and sometimes we would go to the one in OKC (it has been closed a long time now) with my Mamaw. She use to take me there for special when I spent the week with her and Papaw in the summer. Anyway the food is Not super great but for some reason I just love their cheese enchiladas. No one makes them like that. So my husband that doesn't like Mexican food at all takes me there for my birthday. My girls like it and that's all that matters to me.. So we will keep up with our cheesy tradition until there is no more Casa.. I know that happened before! I have been to the Denver Casa also, with my sis an brother when we were all at my sisters' about 9 years ago. Julie is friends with someone who works there in the office so I get good Casa Bonita updates!


Heather said...

On one of the frozen meals and Casa Bonita use the same food prep company, so if you get to missing them, you can catch some flavor with those frozen meals! :)

Happy New Year!

Jkhb said...

It's really not about the food, it is more about recreating the fun I had with my family as a child. I really only love the cheese ench. The other stuff I don't really care about.