Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I haven't been on for a few days the last few nights I have talked to my Mom about her bi monthly trip to go see my grandparents. She always washes my grandparents bedding, clothes and makes some food for them to eat. She also washes my grandmother's hair and rolls it and sets it. Most of this is done under extreme duress because my grandmother not remembering who my mother is, screams at her that she can wash her own hair, or dress herself or that she is being held prisoner or other stuff, like that she is mean. So my Mom need someone to talk about it when she gets home. Some of the stuff (my grandmother does would be funny if it wasn't so sad.) like when she tells my Grandfather that her husband is going to beat him up. lol that just makes me laugh. Yeah he will beat himself up.
Just to make it clear, my mom lives 2 hours away and my grandfather has refused to move, we had my grandmother in a memory care facility, he took her out, he won't let us get him meals on wheels and we had someone coming from home health and cleaning but they moved away and he won't get anyone new. He says they will steal from him. I live even farther and my sister lives like 12 hours away. My brother lives the closest but he has 2 full time jobs and he is not one to wash a old lady's hair. He has helped my grandpa with some fixing on the house and mowing the lawn but my grandpa is very stubborn about getting other kind of non family help.
So my Mom brought some baby door knob covers so my Grandmother can't leave the house, she has left 2 times this year and is always trying to leave. ( she thinks it's not her house, she is always going home.) Well the baby covers worked but they make my grandma mad (what else is new?) She has been yelling at my grandpa about him breaking the door. Well what would we expect? my grandmother is very feisty.

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