Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Ants go marching....

So here we have not been doing so much mostly I have and my husband have been battling the ants that keep invading our house. I am sick of it. First we had them in the bathroom. My husband sprayed and they were gone ... for a few days. Then he sprayed again and they were gone mostly, I have seen a few in there, they must be mutant ants that adapted to the posion spray. Then my daughter left a napkin out in the family room and the next thing I knew they were swarm all over the 2 crumbs of brownie like there was no tomorrow. Ugh.. I cleaned up them killed a million of them with spray and sprayed ant killer all around the patio door and windows and baseboards. Then a few days later they were found marching up the front of the dishwasher and all down the counter top. I felt like ripping my hair out. I mean my husband has already sprayed our yard and around the house but because of the constant rain it is just not working. So I kill all the little invaders all over the place again and the next day my husband gets under the house in the crawl space and sprays yet again for the ants. So my husband got on a fixing kick the other day and bought a new kitchen sink (the old one has been leaking for a while) and put it in. He fixed a few other things that day and I told him how great the sink looked. The next morning I go to my new sink and look in it.. I guess the ANTS thought it was great too because they were all over it. They were swarming a chocolate milk glass that my husband drank out of the night before. I do the dishes but he drinks and eats at like midnight and I don't do those till the next day. Yes, I have been trying to get him to rinse the dishes for 17 years and still no compliance, we even had a deal he was to do the dishes if he left out unrinsed cups. He reneged. I know he is pitiful. Well after feeding the ants I decided to wash most of them down the drain and spray the rest with poison. For a time one of the the ants appeared to be swimming in it, I thought great they love it. So I am planning on buying some gel that kills ants and putting it around the kitchen window, I am at a loss to what to do. I have been trying not to leave any food out but with kids and the husband, its hard anyone have suggestions???

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