Sunday, June 1, 2008

forgetting things

Sorry I haven't posted for a few days Saturday I had to catch up on all the folded laundry. I did not make my 12 year old fold it all but she is going to help put it away- but she doesn't know it yet! Last night I intended on posting but... I went to work (at my church ) and they were talking about the VBS meeting that was the next day. I said that is tomorrow? I thought it was next week. AHHH, I had planned to have all my sample crafts made and I only had two. So after all my kiddos were picked up I gathered my materials that I stashed, um I mean organized, I took them home and had a mini marathon craft session. I couldn't make all of the things but got most of them done. I took a picture so you all could see them. But I keep forgetting things lately, more than I use to all the time. I am beginning to think I have Alzheimer's early or sympathetic forgetfulness like my Mamaw-- my family always said I was like her but this is taking it a little far.
Also after the meeting I ended up working so Kudo's to my husband who had to cook supper and was so great about our change in plans.

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