Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Nothing out of the ordinary

Well the other night while laying in bed I thought of a great post for the blog. I thought I will post that when I get up, not wanting to wake my husband who was sleeping. But when I got up that morning I could not remember a thing I had thought of writing about. Is that not horrible. Still 3 days later I still can't remember anything. It is a wonder that I can find my way around town or remember to brush my own teeth. Right now not much is going on here, I am preparing VBS crafts. I have cut up foam until I am tired of it and cut straws up too for lei's. Tomorrow I may punch holes in flowers until I am mortally tired of it. But when we make the crafts with the kiddos we will have great fun.
Also my youngest is away at my parents so it is very quiet around here. We have enjoyed doing things with the oldest daughter that would not interest the younger one. Well hopefully I will have a more exciting stuff to write about the next time. Next month I am going to my 20 year reunion and that should provide some interesting things.

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