Sunday, August 10, 2008


The Olympics are here! Yeah, I'm not really a sports nut but for me I love to watch all of my countries athletes competing and winning. I just watched the women and men's swimming which is some of my favorites, along with the diving, gymnastics are my favorite, and also the rhythmic gymnastics. I confess, I also like to watch the running. My 12 year old daughter got really excited about the women's fencing, after we swept the medals in fencing she said the next day she would love a sword. Like THAT'S going to happen! She also glided about the carpet after watching the Olympic ice skating at the winter Olympics.
So since today was a super nice day, not to hot or cold, I told my girls they should go for a bike ride. Well miss Jeana crashed a burned big time. She had the full scale crash with the bike falling on top of her. When I got to her she had blood running all down her leg into her shoes. She was crying and screaming and in true girl style she started worrying about blood in her shoes. Thankfully they were Croc's and easily washed off. Ahh Croc's I love those shoes. BTW, I have about 5 pairs of them myself. I love them. especially the cool retro wedge sandals. But the ones I like and wear the most are the flip flops. but I am getting off the point. I felt bad that I had sent them out to get some exercise and then crash! Well she is recovering, but it is a pretty nasty scrape. Well I'd better go get some rest. I seem to be making 1am my new bedtime, not cool when school is starting and I have to get kiddo's ready for school. Why am I the first one up and the only one in my family that doesn't actually go to a school? There's something whacked with that if you ask me. That may have to change but I doubt it. Well I could ramble all night but I should go take my eyes out. (contacts silly)

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