Saturday, August 16, 2008

teen birthday

Yesterday, we had a birthday party for Jana with her friends. She just wanted pizza, cake and her friends to hang out. No problem right? Well some of her friends don't know each other and she invited a few guy friends. It was like a Jr high dance. Every one was just sitting and staring at each other. I thought this is a bomb. But I was afraid that Jana wouldn't like me just hanging out with them. So I left the room and just kept a eye on them. It got a little better but I finally went in there and started asking them questions about school and things how uncool was that. but it worked I told them some stories about me and they laughed and then one of them started talking. Thank goodness otherwise it was going to BOMB. When everyone left to go home they all seem like they had a good time. I even heard the first boy tell his brother who came to pick him up say" why'd you have to come and get me now??" So Jana was happy and that's what I wanted so Mission Accomplished! So now I just have to figure out how to be a cool and fun 2 year old pre-school teacher. I'm to go meet the other teachers on Wednesday so think about me. I have not worked with people I don't know in a long time. I'm a little apprehensive. And I have to get the no shopping teen to buy school clothes with her $100 from grandma. Grandma always has stipulations with her gifts.

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