Wednesday, August 20, 2008

US Woman beach Volleyball strike gold!

I was excited to watch the US women win their 2nd gold medal in the beach Volleyball. They were awsome. Especially since it was pouring down rain the whole time the match was going. I would have said something like this. It's raining, the ball is slippery, the water is messing with my contacts, and the sand is STICKING to me. Let's do this another time. Those 2 women are tough. Congrats to them, it was awsome!

So I just finished reading one of my favorite blogs its because I said so. You all should check it out. Dawn is a awsome funny writer and tells her life in the most amusing way. Me I would be freaking out at all the stuff going on at her house and she is taking pictures to post. She is very cool. Well I started my preschool teaching life by going to my first meeting, next week is the open house and even though I am not the lead teacher it is making me very nervous. This place wants the teachers to come up with their own curriculum and it is a lot to think about. As the helper teacher I am suppose to be able to take over the lead teachers job at anytime if she is sick or something. But how can I do that if I don't know what she is planning. And believe me when I tried to talk about what she was going to do for open house she had NO CLUE! So I am trying to be calm and let it go. (not very easy for a controlling person) so I went on tonight to my Awana training meeting that I was teaching, only 1 person out of 3 showed up. I spent at least 3 hours plus getting ready for this meeting and only one person has the courtesy to show. Kudos to that person for her punctuality and actually showing to something she said she would be at. Earlier I was mocking my husband while he played his game and using sarcasm. he was telling one of his buddies about it and I told him I was a gold medalist in Mocking and a Silver at Sarcasm. Maybe I have gotten carried away with the Olympics, NAWWW.


Heather said...

MAKE YOUR OWN CURRICULUM! HOLY COW! I did that in my MASTER'S work!! Good luck!!

Heather said...

Make your own curriculum? Holy Cow! I wrote a curriculum for my MASTER'S degree!! Good luck with all that!!

Jkhb said...

Hey I have no problem making up the curriculum if I was allowed to but I'm not the lead teacher, she is the other chick and we are suppose to co-ordiate with the T,TH group. I am the person that is there only one day a week. The other teacher is MWF all the time. I was just freaking out about how I am suppose to know what their doing but THEY haven't made any plans. I personally would have had the first few months already planned out, but that's just me.