Monday, September 22, 2008

update, for Grandpa

I kept meaning to post but I don't know much more than last time. My grandfather did pass the blockage without surgery praise God for that. He had a biopsy for the lymphoma but no news of that. They did find a nursing home for my Grandmother but she had to go to a hospital first for 5 to 10 days so they could observe her and regulate her meds since she had been combative. She tried to bite, and hit my Mom and has hit my Grandfather too. My sis came to stay for a while with my Grandfather because he is so weak from his whole hospital stay. All he would tell me about was how awful the automatic beds were. lol I would love to go there and see him and help some but it's very cost prohibitive at the beginning of school when we have so much other things to pay for. Plus I'm not sure how my asthma child would do with the dust situation there. But PLEASE pray for my aunt and her whole work situation. She had to take off all last week because of the whole hospital drama and she has something called family leave and filled out the paper work, but because the DUMB doctor did not fill out the paper work like she told him to they have rejected the family leave. She could get fired for this and loose her insurance, she only has one month until she retires and would have insurance for retirement but if she gets fired before that, no insurance. I'm sure they are looking for any excuse her treatment cost $8,000. each month. Yes I meant to put that many zeros on that figure. It is a special blood transfusion because she has no antibodies for lungs and ear infections. She has 3 autoimmune diseases. So PLEASE PRAY that the protest she filed for her family leave doesn't get rejected and they overturn the first decision. Pray she doesn't get fired. Well I have to scoot to get to bible study.

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