Monday, September 29, 2008

Test Results

Well, finally after much searching/ calling by my aunt my grandfather got his test results back. He does have small cell lymphoma. We don't know much else or anything about his treatment at this time. My grandma is in her new place and is doing better. They are giving her more powerful drugs and that seems to be helping. She is still able to walk and talk to people even though everything she says doesn't make sense. But her laughing instead of screaming that your going to hell is way better for everyone. My sister has been going to visit her most days and she has to leave at the end of this week to go home. My grandfather has not been able to visit her yet but hopefully he will feel stronger soon. I am going to be making a book for my grandmother so she has a labeled picture of everyone so she can look at them. Well I was lazy today and didn't feel very well so I slept most of today. So tomorrow will be a busy day, with taking both girls to school, setting up for awana, folding a Huge pile of laundry, taking Jeana to a Brownie meeting, and somehow getting to the store for food for dinner. Oh and I need to go by the Girl scout office and pay Jana's registration fee. I'm sure there are more things to do but I won't get them done so I will have to leave them for Thursday. Of course on Wednesday I have to go teach the little monsters at the preschool. I did finally weed out the dolls we are not keeping and put them in a bag for giving away or garage sale. It is a huge bag, you would be proud.


K said...

I hope your grandfather gets to feeling better so he can go visit with your grandmother. Your family has a lot going on and it must be very overwhelming. Great idea about the photo album!


Jkhb said...

Thanks, He did get to go to see my grandmother finally, in fact he has gone twice now. It is harder for me with all that is going on because I live to far away to help. I have to be the person everyone talks to about how they feel.

Heather said...

I'll keep your grandfather in my prayers!!