Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's Crazy Here!

Ok, I found out yesterday that my Grandfather is in the hospital, he has some kind of blockage in his intestines and may have lymphoma. But they can't test his limp nodes until the blockage thing is cleared up. If it doesn't go with meds he may have to have surgery. Meanwhile everyone is freaking out trying to find someone to take care of my Grandma. Everyone has a job and no one has that much time off that lives reasonably close. I think my sister may come and help but she can't come till the 20th I think my mom said. My Mom has taken her personal days but if something else happens this school year she is messed up. I just am praying for God to take care of this. Well my arm is better today at least mostly it is still sore but not nearly as bad as yesterday. Last night my elbow popped and after the first initial pain it helped it. So I have to dash, I have to have everything ready for Cubbies tomorrow because I have to tell the story too, the story lady can't make it. bye

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