Thursday, November 27, 2008

We didn't go. Snif, Snif.

I'm kinda sad today, We didn't get to go visit my family. Jeana got sick and had a fever, since we have so many older people in our family we didn't go. My aunt can't be around anyone who is sick, because she has 3 autoimmune diseases. And also my Grandfather is doing chemotherapy so he cannot be around someone who is sick. Bottom line, we had to stay here. So yesterday when I realised Jeana had a fever, I called to make a doctor's appointment. She said our doctor was full and they only had appointments with JULIA, she is the nurse practitioner. I use to like her but, since last year I am very wary of anyone but our Doctor. We saw this same person last year when Jeana was so sick, she gave us the it's a virus and sent us home. She also told us that she would have a fever for prob. 5 days so, after the five days if she is not better come back. Let me tell you 5 days is a long time. Anyway she was the only one I could get an appointment with and I even thought about taking her to the urgent care instead. But she didn't seem that sick to me but I'm kinda paranoid about unknown origin fevers. But since all she complained about was a sore throat and a headache, I waited. She did the rapid strep test and Jeana freaked out a little about it. She doesn't do so go now that she had so much done last year. She kept saying it's too scary. But she said in my lap and did it and then I took her to get a drink. It came back negative so, the lady said, I believe it's a virus. HA! Like I want to accept that from her. I look back at her and said, her lungs sound OK? Her ears are not infected? No sinus infection? She looked at me like I was nuts, and said her fever should last not more than 3 days. I said alright, but I was thinking, OK but if your wrong this time this is your last chance....
So I had to go buy some food for Thanksgiving since all I had was pie and cheesecake. We had the abbreviated version this year. Jeana still has a fever but is not acting sick so the jury is still out for that. I was doing good today, considering I have never not seen at least my Mom and Dad for Thanksgiving. Last year they came to our house for Thanksgiving, before that I always traveled to OKC to see all the cousins, Grandparents, brother etc. My sister, wasn't coming coming this year either, she was thinking about it but decided not to since she had been gone a lot of November for her work. So I called to talk to everyone for Thanksgiving and did good until the very end. They let me talk to Mamaw last and I kind of lost it after she got off the phone, she said some very sweet things to me even if she didn't really know who I was. It made me so sad, not to get to be with her, I never know how much time is left for her so, hopefully Christmas I will get to see her, hug her one more time. So I'm off to freeze part of the cheesecake I made or we will all look like elephants here. I mean can 4 people eat the desserts meant for 14 people? No so if you want some pie, come on over! So on a good note, I am Thankful for my kids and my husband and friends, and not having to drive. Also Brian elected to stay home and not go see his family, so we got to be all together. Also I now have a fully decorated Christmas tree and do not have to do that next week. HAPPY Thanksgiving.

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Heather said...

Sorry you missed your family - there's always something, eh?!?! At least you still had a modified thanksgiving!