Monday, November 3, 2008

Ureeka! I found it. (both of them)

I found my camera, someone had turned it into the office at Jeana's school and so it was safe and sound. I was sooo happy, we have other camera's but I like this one best. We have other's because my husband is the Will Rogers of electronics at Sears. He has never met a bargain he didn't like. So when there is a close out of a model he either buys it or finds a friend that needs it. He sometimes drives me crazy with it. So the other thing I found today was the picture of me with my brother and sister when we were little. I have been driving myself crazy looking for it. I had look in all the photo boxes/tubs of pictures and albums. I knew it was in a little purse sized album but couldn't find it. That's because it was in PLAIN SIGHT for a year for all I know. I found it on top of the microwave in the Kitchen go figure. It probably has been there from the time I unpacked it last year. I don't really even remember seeing it since we moved here. But the microwave is a magnet for little stuff that doesn't have a home. Well I was so excited I called my Mom and told her I found it. Anyway Saturday I wasted way too much time trying to figure out how to change the template on my blog. Why is it so hard compared to myspace? Also I couldn't find as many choices that I like so I may change it again soon. I like Heather's better than mine. I also lost my music when I changed it so I have to fix that too. Anyway since I wasted all that time, I forgot to cut up my pumpkins, since it wasn't cold and I don't have a extra fridge, I put them in the storage room (in the winter it is super cold in there) but it wasn't cold enough so they molded in one day. YUCK! I usually make jack o lanterns and the day or two after Halloween, I cut it up and take off the rind and cook it. Freeze the cooked pumpkin and make my World Famous pumpkin bread. Well it's really not world famous but very darned good. People at church will be crying if I don't bring it and my family will whine a lot too. So I only have 2 batches of frozen pumpkin left from the last time I cooked pumpkin. That will not last to make for teachers and friends for gifts so I will have to bite the bullet and buy another pumpkin and gut it and clean it. Oh well at least a pumpkin only cost $4.00. I'm also posting Halloween pictures since I couldn't before.


Heather said... (I think) is where I found mine... I've been trying to change my template for about a month, now!! Let me know if you need help and I'll walk ya thorugh it!

Jkhb said...

I figured it out, I'm just the pickest person every about artwork and how it is displayed. My husband won't even make a prinshop card with me. I drive him crazy! I changed it again, what I can't figure out is how to make my pics come after the blog instead of before or to the side.