Sunday, November 30, 2008

Don't cry over spilt milk mix

So I thought I would let you all know that Jeana is better. Friday her fever was less and then she had normal temp on Sat. Although since we stayed at home we have had a series of small calamities. The first on the night before thanksgiving Jeana broke a ornament that she was trying to put on the tree, I was a little upset about it because it was a baby's first Christmas ornament and we can't really get a new one. But what can you do? She was not being bad just hanging them up and one slipped off. The next day we were hanging the remainder of them and the same thing happened to me so then I had broke one too. Then I believe it was Friday night Jeana dropped a snow globe into the sink and glass glitter and yucky water was everywhere. I do mean everywhere. It was a mess. She was so up set I wasn't thrilled with the mess but could care less about the super ugly snow globe. Someone gave it to me I can't even remember who or where it came from. That is why it was in the bathroom. I let the girls decorate with the decorations I don't really care about. So it was cleaned up I was beginning to think we had a klutz problem. Then today Jeana went to pick up the milk mix container and the top popped right off and dumped the entire container of Strawberry Milk mix on the floor! We cleaned that up and all my husband could say was, well it smells good in here. lol


Heather said...

Make sure she doesn't have an ear infection with all that gracefulness! ;) Are you all decorated now?

Jkhb said...

She was just checked out by the doctor on Wednesday because she had a fever. She hasn't complained of ear pain... but they don't always. But they diffently said she didn't have a ear infection, she didn't even have fluid or anything. I think we dropped that many before but at the other house they did not break because we didn't have all hardwood floors. The tree is decorated but the other things are all sitting on the mantel waiting for me to decide where they belong. I will be doing that on Tuesday, today I have to work, and then go to a Christmas party. I'll take a pic of the tree tonight.