Friday, November 7, 2008

Puke, and Poop what could be better?

So today I worked a extra shift at the pre-school. I thought it was going to be good but I was WRONG! It started out good with only one of the twins coming to pre-school and everyone playing play-dough nicely. We manage to get circle time done alright but when it was time to get everyone to try to potty it went down hill pretty fast. There is a bathroom attached to our classroom and I leave the door open but I have to step into the bathroom and help whoever with snapping and hand washing and such. That being said they can be perfectly fine but as soon as I take one step into that bathroom they all loose it. I step out and one is standing on a table, one is pushing another and one is screaming because someone touched her! They turn instantly into crazed animals. It took multiple times to get the one child to do his time out without leaving the time out zone. He was just horrible. By the time I got everyone done in the bathroom and got their jackets on a was sweating like crazy. We went outside where the boy that was pushing proceeded to push several more times and I wanted to rip out my hair. Then one of the other boys screamed in my face because I tried to tie his shoe. The other teacher got all over him and told him not to talk to me that way. I wanted to swat his backside but I usually do want to do that to him at least twice a day so what else is new. So we proceeded inside to lunch. The other 2 year old teacher who I was filing in for showed up and asked me if I was suppose to go home now or could I stay until after nap time. I told her I wasn't told to go home when she showed up so she said good and we went on with going in for lunch. (boy do I wish that I had gone home) We gave the kids their lunches and one little boy wouldn't eat his very good. (he only eats hot dogs anyway) He tried to throw his lunch away with out eating any of it and I told him no he needed to eat some of his lunch. He got really upset and started crying. The other teacher came in and asked what was up with him and I told her and she said yes he needed to eat some. As this point he got hysterical and we told him he didn't have to eat the whole thing we just wanted to save it so if he wanted later he could have it. He kept crying. Finally he settle down and everyone else was finishing lunch and we decided he must not feel good. The other teacher picked up his lunch and put it away. She went out of the room to see about something and he got all upset again. I told him to come here and I would hold him. I got him calmed down and asked if he was better he said yes, I put him down and he promptly puked on the floor walked threw it and puked again in another spot. By that time, I had grabbed the trash and he was crying again and all the 2 year olds were freaking and I was gagging and trying not to be sick myself. The other teacher came in and grabbed wipes to clean him and try to get him to puke in the trash and I still trying not to puke myself got the other kids to stay in their seats, the pre-school director gave me something to sprinkle on the vomit to absorb it and looking at it again did it. I got sick in the sink with all those pre-schoolers and then had to clean that up too. YUCK. Anyway I was ready to leave when all the kids got picked up. I took my friends kids to pre-school today(they had another child in the hospital) so they left with me too. We were going to pick up the grade schoolers and then drop them off at their house. While waiting for the bell to ring the 3 year old pooped in her pants. She didn't tell me she needed to, just went and hid by the slide and did it. She wanted me to change her at the school but I had no wipes and no patience by this time and I told her she was just going to have to walk in it until I could get her home. She walked like a bow legged monkey (it would have been funny if I had any humor left by that time.) We got the big kids and I spread a bag for her to sit in and I took them home. I was going to let them come play for a hour, so my friend could take a longer nap but I decided that, since my day was already in the toilet, to cut and run.

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Heather said...

Ugh - I'm glad you survivied!