Friday, October 31, 2008

I'm loosing it!! Well at least my camera.

Well we had all kinds of Halloween fun today, I did the party thing at Jeana's school and with the 5 million bags of candy that we handed out, I somehow left or lost my camera. I think it is in Jeana's class room but I can only remember taking pictures of the kiddo's eating all their goodies. And I do mean their was TONS, if I ate all of that I would be sick. They had a goodie bag full of candy, a popcorn ball, a cookie with icing on top, 2 pieces of pizza, a apple, juice and various other candy that parents brought to hand out. Thankfully my child only ate 1 piece of candy and saved the rest and her pizza and half of the popcorn ball. She saved the cookie for later and the apple too. The girls looked so good and we carved some awesome pumpkins too. I took pictures with Jana's camera since mine was MIA. We took Jana's friend with us to trick or treat and next year we will have to ask a friend for Jeana. It is late and I am sitting up waiting for my meds to kick in so my ears will quit ringing. I loved the parade with all the kids at Jeana's school. Some of my favorites I saw was Sara Palin, a ant at a picnic and that cute little witch that is related to me! Jana's in middle school and they don't dress up there. She did the trick or treat thing but it is close to the end for that I think. Anyway I will post pictures later so you can see the girls and our pumpkins. I'm starting to get tired so I guess I will lay down.

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Heather said...

My camera's batteries died!! So, I got NO pics... My mom did, though, but it's a very nice 35 mm, so we have to WAIT to get those pics!!