Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Don't you love the smell of BURNT Chocholate

Why is it when I don't plan things out they all go haywire? Last night I was talking to a old friend when it was bedtime, so I failed to lay out clothes for Jeana for school and write down the books she had read in her folder. So I was rushing around getting things done when I as assaulted with a very strong smell. Then I heard Jana say why is my pop tart burnt? Both her Daddy and I go in the kitchen and say how long did you microwave it for? She said 2 min. I said 2 min. !! I said 17 seconds. It's not a pizza pocket! She just looks at me and said oh I forgot. I mean sometimes she is soooo BLOND. Sorry if you happen to be blond but you know what I mean. She only cooks 2 things in the microwave, pop tarts and pizza pockets but she got the times mixed up. Sometimes for a smart cookie she is a little whacked. Any way after she went on to school and left me with the burn smell and pop tarts I had to rush to get Jeana to school, Why, Why is it when you are in a hurry they NEVER have the same sense of urgency that you do. That SO makes me turn into a raving Lunatic. I mean must she drink her milk one spoonful at a time???? So now I am back home from taking her to school, I just hope she doesn't do that with her work today. She got in trouble last week and got a sad note for not finishing her work. I'm not sure she can see like she should probably time to go to the eye doctor. Brian and I both got glasses in 1st or 2nd grade and Jana did also.
Still waiting to hear about my Grandpa's pet scan, so I guess I will go find some photo's for Mamaw's book, I need to get that finished this week.

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