Monday, October 27, 2008

I almost flamed my Mom

So when I was ranting this morning about the cake not being right, I forgot to tell you that I almost set my Mom's hair on fire when Jeana was blowing out the candles. I took the lid off the cake and lit the candles and you know how the cake is usually on a scalloped board when you buy it? yes this one was too. Also there is usually a black flat bottom that the lid snaps on too. Well I left the scalloped board on the black bottom and after the candles were lit I walked over to the table while singing happy birthday. Well I told my husband to take the picture and I tipped the cake slightly so he could get Jeana blowing out the candles. At that moment I tipped the cake and it began sliding towards my Mom's head flaming candles and all, I righted it and it began to slide still lit at me! I then stuck my finger in the cake to stop it and at the same time Jeana blew out the candles. I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I saw my Mom's head on fire in the flash before I righted the cake. Jeana was not bothered in the least, I apologized for sticking my finger in her cake and she responded by "fixing"it herself with her fingers, so I responded by saying I guess that is your piece. Oh well Happy Birthday sweetheart!

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Heather said...

Good ... so I'm not the only one who has wild and wacky birthday parties!! :)