Monday, October 13, 2008

Not what I had Planned

Well, I'm not so blah anymore, I was annoyed this morning, I had my whole day planned and RING, the phone rang, they wanted me to work, so out was bible study, setting up for AWANA, going to the store, and doing laundry and in was taking care of all the little monsters, or as my husband called them Satan's spawn. They were really not as bad as they have been before but they couldn't be called good in most people's book. But I did it, actually I was fine with it this morning until I realized I made me a salad for lunch and then forgot the dressing to go with it. I mean did you think I was going to eat carrots, spinach and all that with NO dressing?? So I had some lovely animal cookies for lunch, yes thank you it was so nutritious and delicious. I washed it down with the leftover coke I had with my breakfast. The downer for the day was my arm was killing me by the time I left. So I had better get back to sewing my daughters costume the go go dress is going good so far. (knock on wood) I got a phone call from a old friend and talked way to long to her, but I'm so glad we talked, it felt so good. Why do we let things like that go? We shouldn't let those people slip away.

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