Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I love Snow Days.

I see on facebook everyone is moaning about how they can't wait for school to be in tomorrow. Not that I don't want school to be in but I really love it when we have normal snow days. Brian and I get extra time together, the girls and I have fun together and mostly it is a nice day. Jeana spent the majority of her time playing animal crossings and unknown to her it was helping her practice reading. Hee Hee Hee... She just didn't realize that there was so much reading in that game. I would help her when it was too hard. I also had a chance to catch up on some candy making and laundry. We had a fun afternoon watching what Melissa use to call my pets. I feed the wild birds and I put seed out for them and they were landing in our yard all over and getting the seeds. Today I even got to go out to lunch with Brian. I LOVE having a daughter old enough to take care of her little sister for a hour or two. All we did was do a little Christmas shopping and go to eat at McAlisters but is was nice to be able to do that. I know you are all jealous I got to leave with out kids today!! Well I am off to see about watching shows with my hubby. I do hope there is school tomorrow but so my kiddos can see some friends and Jeana's class has only one more chapter of Henry Huggins and I would like to finish it for them before Christmas break... TTFN

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