Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The tree

Yes, I appliqued these stockings for the girls each the year they were born. I stayed up way late to finish Jana's I was crazy!

I told Heather that I would post a picture of my tree so here it is. Tuesday we made homemade pizza and since my kids always act like that is a huge deal we took pictures of that too. I am super tired today, it was a busy day at pre-school and then awana. We made Christmas trees at pre-school and then I made wreaths at Cubbies. So I am crafted out for the day. I have to go rip all the old Girl Scout badges off a used vest that I bought Jeana so I will leave you with these pictures. Also I MUST go watch Top Chef. PS. I am never quite happy with the placement of pictures on the blog. I can't quite figure out how to make the pictures come after the words or move them around. Any helps??

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Heather said...

fun tree!!! My girls wig out over homemade pizza too... but I cheat and use pita bread and make minis.

Pictures: I always add my pics and then go back and add the text. Other than that, I'm no help. It's generally a crap shoot the way it comes out!!