Sunday, December 21, 2008

slowly loosing it!

So today I had set aside for wrapping packages mostly, that is, while wrapping my husbands gifts while he was gone to work, I notice that on the receipt that I was charged 22 dollars instead of 19 dollars. I thought they charged me for the wrong chair, but oh no.. it was much more than that. They gave me the wrong chair too. We had bought a folding chair for my husband for hunting, we picked one out at Academy and a few other hunting related items and went to the checkout and waited, and waited and waited. So when we get up to check out the chair has no tag, they send someone back to get one with a tag and scan it in, by this time it is late and my kids are STARVING and so we hurry out, me not looking at the receipt. Fast forward 3 days later I go back to exchange the chair and all they have are the 9 dollar chair which is too small for my husband, the 22 dollar chair that I was given already, it had mesh on the seat and the back and we thought it would be cold to sit in and was not like the one that was stolen from Brian's car. I asked for help from a man working there and he said uhhh I guess we are out. I said what about that one, pointing to the display over my head. No I can't give you that one. Ok, WHATEVER so I left and went to Walmart where the entire town was. I found a 20 dollar chair similar to what he had before with no mesh and put it in my cart bought a few groceries and some gifts I had not gotten yet and felt ok about having to go out again but I hadn't gotten much wrapping done because of all my excursions. So tonight I was going to really wrap, right? WRONG... We begin to wrap and we get about 4 presents wrapped and we realize that the roll of tape is almost out. I ask my husband to check in the junk drawer, no not there he says, check in the coffee table drawer I holler, no not there what about the craft cabinet I say.. NO! he says I think we are out. To which I put my fingers in my ears and yell NO LA LALA LA LALA LA LA LA and he starts laughing at me!!! So in the morning I have to go get tape and some tissue paper and start again. So I bid you good night.

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